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In conditions of high speeds, we perceive only what we are really interested in and skip all the rest. Content remains alive as long as it is unique. A living idea is what really works.


Genuine quality distinguishes content that will work for years and decades from that which will be forgotten tomorrow. Quality is always handmade.


We appreciate the structured approach, clear vectors of development and loyalty to the ideals. We are convinced that meeting the expectations of the audience and its standards are the distinguishing features of the brand.


What we do
Visual Concept
Content Strategy
YouTube Content
Social Media Content
Motion Design
3 D animation


This is how we do it


Keep moving. Вe Alive!

We create Digital Content to grow your brand and build your business. We are based on the island of Cyprus and operate all over Europe.

Who we are

Alive Film was created in 2015 on the island of Cyprus by Alexandra Menskaya as a symbol of a bold dream of a big, strong company producing high-quality video content. Step by step, the project grew and developed.A strong team of specialists, blazed with their work and ready to endlessly develop their professionalism, were selected.Keep Moving - yesterday, today and always – a main principle of the Alive Film Company, whose development possibilities are endless.

Our Philosophy

Alive Film reflects that any goal is achievable. It’s about spirit, not afraid of difficult tasks, perceiving any defeat as a lesson that moves forward. That is why we feel so subtly our customers - people who build Business. People with strong Character and Big Goals.

How we work

Our approach to each project is based on a detailed elaboration of the Idea and a clear understanding what content you need. We clearly structure the entire process of working on a project and give you the opportunity to control each stage, so that you can be confident of an excellent result.

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